Medipole, Lyon-Villeurbanne

Medipole, Lyon hospital

The Medipole hospital car park, which opened in January 2019, is a ground-breaking hospital parking solution. Three separate car parks have been created on the site to meet the various needs.

Taking parking requirements seriously

When planning the new hospital, the consortium of regional health insurers took parking requirements seriously from the start of the development project and this meant that Q-Park was involved at a very early stage to contribute its expertise to designing the parking facilities.

After using our proprietary capacity calculation utilities, Q-Park's experts recommended creating three car parks around the medical centre, each with the right number of parking spaces required for specific needs of employees, patients and visitors.

The Medipole car parks include some of Q-Park's signature design features, such as:

  • Angled parking
  • Smart one-way routing
  • Multiple access and exit points
  • Dedicated car parks to meet specific needs