Q-Park Ireland promotes safe driving

Q-Park have joined Toyota’s FaceItDown initiative

FaceItDown app

Car manufacturer Toyota launched the FaceItDown application in 2017, to help combat motorists using their mobile phones while on the road. The app encourages motorists to put down their phone at the start of a journey, and keep it down. The app can be used in any make of vehicle, not just Toyota cars.

To benefit, the user launches the app before setting off on a journey and simply puts the phone face down, the phone will then buzz to confirm it’s tracking. Points will be earned for every kilometre driven without picking up the phone. If the user turns over the phone while driving, all the points accumulated will be lost.

With each completed journey during which the motorist successfully kept their phone face down, a point per kilometre travelled will be earned and can be used for rewards. Rewards can be redeemed at various partners for things such as hot drinks, or money off at FBD Insurance. Q-Park are proud to be the latest partner added to this initiative, to offer motorists money off their parking as an incentive to not use their phone while driving.

Q-Park offers safe motorists the chance to cash their rewards for vouchers they can use when they pre-book a parking space online. The rewards are:

  • €2 off parking – 250 points
  • €3 off parking – 400 points
  • €4 off parking – 550 points