Parking information

Q-Park aims to provide as much information as possible about its parking facilities, services and POIs to visitors at the location itself and online for customers who wish to be informed ahead of time and plan their trip.


We have created a useful place for all this information in our back-office systems which feed the country websites. Besides mentioning popular destinations nearby, the information presented includes:

  • number of parking spaces, including those for blue badge holders
  • drive through height
  • number of e-charging stations
  • parking tariffs and options for pre-booking and season tickets
  • services provided, such as AED, family parking, and toilets


In 2019 we now have 789 (2018: 480) parking facilities providing the most sought-after information online.

The increase in 2019 can mainly be attributed to countries adding information in our back-office systems. In 2018 we were lacking information from Germany and France.

Chart 19 PFs providing online information

Points of interest

Identifying and listing points of interest (POIs) in the vicinity of a parking facility is not an easy task but it is something we at Q-Park do diligently.

We have integrated smart and intuitive search engine functionality in our websites and we also indicate how long the walk is to the final destination.

WDQ_Creating value_arrow_1700x2280_300dpi large portrait .jpg


In 2019 we listed 734 (2018: 653) POIs (excl. France) which are near to our parking facilities. The online information provided includes walking distance, parking tariff, navigation information, enabling motorists to make an informed decision of where to park.

Chart 21 PFs within 15 minutes of city centre or POI