We aim to create value through co-creating partnerships, growing our asset portfolio and its performance as well as our indirect sales channels.

Strategic partnerships in which we pursue a form of agreement with mutually beneficial goals are important to our business. Naturally, in our partnerships, we depend on the willingness of the other party to collaborate and achieve the desired results. For this reason, it is not possible to set quantitative targets but we have defined partnership objectives to guide us, we seek partnerships to:

  • improve and/or expand our market coverage;
  • broaden product and service offerings;
  • build brand awareness.

Parking Payment Service Providers (PPSPs)

We work together with parking payment service providers (PPSPs) who want to combine their on-street parking and payment solutions with off-street parking for their customers.

These partnerships enable customers to:

  • park in our facilities with the PPSP mobile-app of their choice;
  • receive a convenient overview of all their parking transactions;
  • pay immediately or make a single payment at the end of the month.

Mobility hubs

In the Netherlands, Q-Park has a co-creation solution with the NS, the national railway operator. Q-Park manages the Park+Ride car parks at train stations and enables NS Business Card holders to use their public transport card for parking as well.


We co-create with public and private landlords to provide underground bicycle parking, infrastructure solutions, green spaces as well as routes for pedestrians and cyclists above ground.

Indirect online sales channels

  • We have programmes in place for marketing arrangements whereby we pay commission to an external website for traffic or sales generated from its referrals (i.e. affiliate marketing).
  • We have programmes in place to partner with theatres, event locations for sports, concerts and other gatherings - enabling them to offer parking solutions directly to their customers. We also refer to this as purpose partner marketing.
  • We have developed the Q-Park Event Management Portal, enabling event organisers and event locations to offer a quick and bespoke parking solution to their target audiences with the least amount of effort.


  • In 2019, we joined forces with EasyPark, a mobile-app parking service which facilitates parking on-street and in purpose-built parking facilities.
  • In Belgium we have partnered with KBC to integrate our Parking as a Smart Service (PaSS) solution into KBC Mobile, the KBC smartphone banking app for KBC clients.
  • In the Netherlands, Q-Park has introduced the Event Portal to a select group of theatre, concert and sports venues in Amsterdam and Rotterdam.

Figure 29 Co-creation with KBC

KBC download csr 2019.png