The expertise and commitment of our employees and their cooperation and communication are vital for the professionalism and efficiency of our organisation. Only with their commitment are we able to deliver the desired quality in products and services. We strive to create a varied workforce and we pay special attention to the welfare and safety of our employees.

Employee training

We value our employees and want them to be confident about the various elements of their work. To assist this, we aim to give our employees regular training and professional development opportunities.

Most of our employees work in or near our parking facilities as Parking Hosts. Our social relevance for operational employees is considerable. Together with the retail and cleaning sectors, we are committed to helping people who like to take a practical approach. We are a binding factor; we offer varied work and a certain status, so all colleagues feel appreciated.

Besides keeping the average training per employee above 15 hours per year, we seek to train more than 15% of our full-time employees with a permanent contract annually on integrity issues as described in our Integrity Policy.


In our materiality analysis, we found that anti-corruption was seen as material by our stakeholders. This year, there were no confirmed incidents of corruption. However, we will keep measuring this and include an integrity training in the general training package for employees.

In 2019, across all countries, including our head office in the Netherlands, a total of 1,070 employees in managerial and non-managerial positions, 69% of the workforce, received an average 20.9 hours of training.

Chart 22 Average annual training hours per employee

Chart 23 Employee receiving regular training

Health & Safety

Our aim is to increase our employees' engagement as well as contribute to their health and safety.

Q-Park promotes the health and safety of customers and employees. We achieve this mainly by training our employees and equipping them for their work, and by creating a safe and healthy working environment. We also offer our employees the opportunity to learn life-saving skills so that they can help someone both at home and at work.

Every year, we receive millions of visitors in our parking facilities at all hours of the day. Unfortunately, it is inevitable that our employees will encounter aggressive or inappropriate behaviour. We offer Parking Hosts conflict management training so they can learn to deal with such situations.

What we do


  • Training to learn how to use an AED, a skill most appreciated around family and friends
  • Active mobility teams who can be dispatched by the QCR at a moment's notice
  • Climate control and over pressure in the Parking Hosts' lodge to limit car fumes in work area


  • Less cash in our parking facilities, we proactively encourage cashless payments
  • Conflict management training to learn how to deal with aggression
  • CCTV monitoring and footage is available


We aim to keep injuries, occupational illness, absenteeism, and days lost to a minimum. Our target is 3% or fewer incidents per employee. In 2019, with 1,503 employees and 57 incidents the incident ratio in 2019 was 3.8%. In 2018 this ratio was 3.1% with 1,562 employees and 49 incidents.

Table 2 Number of incidents and lost days



Total number of incidents



Total number of lost days



Total employees



Other information

Employee contract and gender

Total number of employees declined from 1,562 in 2018 to 1,503 in 2019. In both years 79% were male and 21% female.

Table 4 Number of employees



Number of full-time contracts:



- temporary contracts (m)



- temporary contracts (f)



- permanent contracts (m)



- permanent contracts (f)



Number of part-time contracts:



- temporary contracts (m)



- temporary contracts (f)



- permanent contracts (m)



- permanent contracts (f)



Employees covered by CLA

Percentage of employees covered by collective labour agreements was 53% in 2018 and 47% in 2019.

Employees in Danish CLA increased

In 2019, when Q-Park Denmark acquired Univsersparkering, the employees who moved with the acquisition received a Q-Park employment contract in line with the parking industry standard. This also meant that their working conditions were upgraded to the sector Collective Labour Agreement in Denmark.

With this move, Q-Park has set an example because many of the smaller Danish parking companies do not adhere to the sector CLA. They pay staff less or base the salary on the number of control fees issued. Q-Park does not consider this practice to be ethically correct.