Functional quality

24/7 Service

Most Q-Park parking facilities are open 24/7 for motorists to park and retrieve their car.

24 hour service

That's why we offer an international help desk to motorists that is available 24/7. The QCR gives customers instant access to multi-lingual Parking Hosts centrally operated by Q-Park.

They provide help and support with queries relating to the payment system or to accessing or exiting the parking facility.

The QCR is in contact with Parking Hosts and Mobile Teams in the vicinity of the parking facility. If a customer needs assistance that cannot be given remotely, the QCR will dispatch a Parking Host to assist at the location itself. For mechanical problems, the service department and service technicians can be called in to help.


Figure 14 Q-Park Control Room (QCR) - 24/7 service

1072_EU-Service-QCR_lr crop.jpg


In total we have 1,011 (2018: 962) parking facilities offering 24/7 services.

On-site services

Our aim is to foster mobility and enable access to essential urban functions in conjunction with sustainability concerns. Each of our parking facilities provides a number of on-site services. These are listed on the parking facility's website page so customers know in advance what services they can expect to find.

304 aed.jpg

From our recurring customer satisfaction surveys we know that customers value the presence of AEDs. The AEDs should be located at a logical, secure and accessible place so they can be used by trained volunteers or medical personnel when needed.

013 toilet.jpg

Our customers greatly appreciate toilets being available in or near our parking facilities. Toilets are present in the car park or there is clear signage directing people to the nearest toilets, for example in shopping centres.


Customers who drive electric vehicles or plug-in hybrids like to recharge their vehicle while parking. We support the use of more sustainable passenger cars by providing charging stations for electric and hybrid cars at many of our facilities.

Jump leads icon

Another highly appreciated service is the presence of jump leads. The Parking Host or Mobile Teams has access to jump leads and are available to help customers who find themselves with a flat battery. If the Parking Host is not at the parking facility, customers can call the QCR who will dispatch a Q-Parker to assist.


The QCR is also available to help customers with problems at the payment machine or access and exit barriers. Naturally, the QCR is available 24/7 and all our QCR Parking Hosts speak two or more languages so we can always help customers in their first or second language.

hub transport

We want to play a role in ensuring sustainable freedom of movement and mobility options for citizens, which is why we offer parking for cars and bicycles at public transport nodes. We seek active cooperation with local authorities as integrated mobility improves accessibility and, at the same time, reduces congestion and emissions.


We use closed-circuit television (CCTV) both for security purposes and for automatic number plate recognition (ANPR). Because CCTV can record the activities of individuals, its use is regulated by the EU Data Protection Directive, as transposed into law in all EU countries. The CCTV system is designed to satisfy a specific and legitimate purpose – such as recording the entry and leaving time of vehicles.

We ensure that cameras are located so that they do not capture images that are not relevant to our purposes. Where we install cameras, we make it clear to people that they or their cars are on camera.

Figure 17 On-site services communicated online



We started to collect details of our on-site services per parking facility in our new back-office systems in 2018. At the end of that year, not all countries had registered services properly. During 2019 the countries have been updating this information; however it is too soon to deduct trends. This will be followed-up in 2020.

We are pleased to report that in 2019 we were able to place potentially life-saving AEDs in an extra 16% of our O+LL PFs. Our Parking Hosts receive regular first-aid training, which includes AED use.

Chart 6 PFs with AED available

Toilets are perhaps the most appreciated on-site service we provide. In 2019 we added toilets or signage to nearby toilets. We are pleased to report an increase of 26% for this much valued amenity.

Chart 7 PFs with toilets or directions to toilets nearby

We are continually adding to our services to keep motorist mobile. In 2019 jump leads were available in 12% more of our parking facilities. Either via the Parking Host or via the Mobile Teams. Customers who need help getting their car started can call the QCR who will then send a Q-Parker to assist.

Chart 8 PFs where jump leads are available

During 2019 we installed CCTV in an additional 14% of our parking facilities. CCTV increases the security of the car park for our customers and employees alike. We apply strict rules to the use and storage of image data in accordance with the EU Data Protection Directive (GDPR).

Chart 9 PFs with CCTV monitoring