Parking products

Short-term parking

We serve about a million customers every day and most of them just take a parking ticket or use their bank card to access and exit our parking facilities.

Most customers visit us 2 to 4 times a month which makes it very convenient for them to use services without having to register or log in. They can come and go as they please, knowing that their car is parked safely near a location where they want to be.


In 2019, of our total parking revenue 77.7%, EUR 479.0 million (in 2018 EUR 475.5 million) was derived from short-term parking.

Long-term parking

We offer a wide variety of long-term parking options in the form of season tickets for our customers who park with us frequently and who are looking for a more economic and convenient parking solution.

  • Nights + Weekend products for residents.
  • Office solutions for employees.
  • Retailers may want a 6x24 hours solution.

We have added more flexible options for short periods and season tickets. We offer season tickets for a month or quarter for customers wanting greater flexibility.


In 2019, of our total parking revenue 22.3%, EUR 137.3 million (2018 EUR 126.5 million) was generated from season ticket sales.

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We offer pre-booking services for our customers via our own sales channels, the country websites. We have various customer value propositions (CVP) available online, for example an afternoon in the city, station parking for the first and last part of a journey, or special deals for a weekend away.

Figure 23 Various customer value propositions


We also offer pre-booking services to customers of our commercial partners via their sales channels. All they need to do is to integrate our pre-booking API into their own customer offering. For example, customers like to:

  • book theatre tickets and an evening parking ticket in one smooth flow;
  • book their holiday and a few days or weeks parking at an airport.

The number of pre-booking transactions continues to grow annually as does the number of commercial partners seeking to connect and integrate with our seamless pre-booking parking solutions.


We have 221 parking facilities offering pre-booking services online.

In 2019 we expanded our range of pre-booking and easy entry services based on automatic number plate recognition (ANPR).

We've added two innovations:

PaSS (Parking as a Smart Service) PlatePay was developed and implemented throughout Belgium in conjunction with two of Q-Park's partners, KBC and EasyPark.

PaSS PlatePay is also available via the Q-Park Mobile-app in Belgium.

Customers simply register their car number plate together with their bank card details in an app of their choice, and they can access and exit the car park based on their number plate. The parking fee is automatically charged to their bank account and they can retrieve the digital receipt via the app too. This makes accessing and exiting the car park even faster as there’s no need to wind down the window and take a ticket or present a bank card.

Event Parking In areas where Q-Park has ample parking facilities within easy walking distance of a popular venue, event organisers can register their event for the event parking website.

Customers are directed to the Q-Park website event page where they select the venue or event for which they have tickets. They can then select in which of the nearby car parks they wish to park. Prices may differ depending on the walking distance from the venue. The customer then continues the reservation process by entering their contact details and number plate.

Additional features:

  • The system recognises car number plates from any country.
  • Customers do not have to create an account.
  • Payment can be made using a debit or credit card.
  • Confirmation is sent by e-mail.